DAF 2021 REWORKED V0.2 1.42

ChangeLog: v.0.2
-shadow corrections (cabin, chassis…)
-Added chassis 6x .. and 6xl .. Low bed
-fixed bugs and error lines.
-Fixed steering wheel position.
-Darkened windshield and side glass.
Slots for Deflector.
Added chrome bar.
-Fixed inverted interior mirror (Cam_Plastic).
-fixed 6×2 taglift chassis.
-fixed the functioning of the DRL (Front Light).
-Fixed transparent fender.
-fixed chs_cover (will not work on original sideskirts).
-corrected FOG light (did not appear when changed f_bumper).


DOWNLOAD DAF_2021_Reworked.rar – 48.5 MB

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