Scania S New Gen Tcab v3.1.1 by Azorax Modding (1.39.x)


Change.log V3.1.1

– made truck shiny
– added a few parts from remoled next gen (requires original)

Download Links:

1. Truck:

2. Templates:

3.Tandem Truck Pack Compability Pack (Requires original DD Tandem Truck Pack Mod from FlemmingV):

4.Load Pack:

5. Remoled adaption Pack:

truck: Azorax Modding, SCS, FlemmingV
loads: Azorax Modding, CyrusTheVirus (Integration, conversion to trailers and upgrades), DragonModz (Broken Man bus), Seagull (Broken Mercedes Actros), SCS (Broken American Truck & Scania 6x), RoadHunter (Broken down city bus).
tuning pack: Azorax Modding (defs), Mohegan,GTMike,Obelihnio,The crew over at IJ’s Mods on Facebook and my unwitting test subjects especially Tasja for the back and forth sorting the last bugs out .

Download Link: Download mod

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